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Potassium reacts so fast in water, it's nice to have the video to play back and really see the "hovercraft" effect. @MSSpanthers

We were invited by @CanterburyGuy to upload a picture of a book cover and we are all so excited about the Wrinkle in Time movie! I invite @RitaCavaliere1 @kevin_mcgifford and @gfcavaliere to do the same!

Junior boys warming up before their first playoff game! @MSSpanthers @kevin_mcgifford @gfcavaliere

It may not be International Women’s Day yet but here in the MSS Learning Commons we are celebrating the stories of strong women! #slayyourowndragonsprincess #thefutureisfemale #empoweredwomenempowerwomen @sd58connect @RitaCavaliere1

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