Grad Ceremony Update 2

Hi everyone,

The BC government has released updated guidelines regarding what can happen at the grad ceremonies.

Though the plan that was approved a few weeks back is still intact, there is one important item that will need to change in order for Merritt Secondary to continue to fulfill the health and safety protocols:

You will be allowed a MAXIMUM of FOUR guests that may be present with the grad as you walk in and exit out of MSS.  These four guests would be at the age of 12 or older and should be members of the students’ household(s).  However, you ARE allowed to have guests under the age of 12 present for the grad ceremony on top of the maximum 4 people. These children would also be members of the students’ household(s).

Please note that you are NOT able to bring other members with you to wait outside MSS as the grad and their group go through the ceremonies. We cannot have any kind of gathering outside the school. You are welcome to find a place off campus to meet up and take photos etc. Only the four max guests (and the children under 12) will be allowed to be on the MSS campus during that student’s grad ceremony time slot.

We are also looking into running a live stream during the event for those who are unable to attend can still watch from their home.  Stay tuned if this option pans out for us.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Gian at 2503785131 or email me at

Take care.

Kʷukʷscemxʷ – Limlәmt – Thank you

Gian Cavaliere

Vice-Principal/Athletic Director

Merritt Secondary School

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