Grad Ceremony Update

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that the Grad ceremony plan has been approved and we are ready to begin the next step of preparing for it!  Though I will not get into specific details now, I will share what the generic plan will look like.

The dates will be June 16 and June 17 and will occur during the times of 6pm and 9pm.  The ceremony will occur at Merritt Secondary and there will be scheduled times for each grad to enter the school so that they can be celebrated for their achievements!  Each grad will be allowed six additional members to join them as they enter MSS.  This number cannot be negotiated as we need to ensure we follow the health and safety restrictions that are in place.

The grad and the (up to) six members will enter MSS when they are scheduled to, will go through a series of different rooms (three) to listen to speeches and then will enter the gym where there will be stage set up for the grad to be welcomed and celebrated.

You will eventually be given a time to arrive at MSS where you will first park at the parking lot across the street from the Elks Hall. There will be volunteers there to help with the process.  Each person who is attending the ceremony will need to fill out a health and safety checklist form prior to entering MSS.  From there, when it is time, you will be guided to then enter MSS from Cleasby and park at the back near the gym. Again, volunteers will be there to help with the parking piece.  When you get out of your vehicle, the grad (who will be wearing their grad gown, cap, etc) and the other members with them will then walk to the front of the school with a volunteer and enter MSS from the main front door.  From there, they will be guided to enter different rooms for a period of time before entering the gym.  After their celebration is over at the gym, they will then exit the gym at the back and head to their car. You MUST leave MSS right after you exit the gym. Please DO NOT group or congregate outside the gym after the ceremony has ended for the student.  You are to leave right away using Hamilton Ave or Canford Ave and then you’re welcome to go anywhere in town if you wanted to have photos done or meet with other grads for photos.

Other notes:

A mask MUST be worn at all times from when you exit your car to enter MSS until you head back into your car after exiting the gym.

We will be going alphabetically, most likely A-L on the 16th and M-Z on the 17th.  More details on that when the schedule is finalized. Please ensure you are available for the night you are scheduled on.  There will be NO changing of times.

You will be allowed a MAX of 6 people that can enter MSS with the grad student.  Please do not bring others who wait outside of MSS.  We are trying to minimize the groups to ensure this event follows all BC health and safety guidelines.

If you are late for your scheduled time, you will not be able to participate until the end of the evening.  Please do not be late!

We are encouraging the grad and guests to arrive in no more than two vehicles, if possible.

Grads, be sure to have your grad attire on upon arriving for your scheduled time.

There will be sanitizing stations provided and you must sanitize before proceeding to the first room when entering MSS.

We’re all very excited to have this plan in place!  Here we go!

Take care!

Kʷukʷscemxʷ – Limlәmt – Thank you

Gian Cavaliere

Vice-Principal/Athletic Director

Merritt Secondary School

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