Grade 12 students – complete your BCeID account for transcripts

To all Parents, Guardians and Students of Grade 12:

All grade 12 students must complete a BCeID account for transcript requests using the link provided below.

Grade 12 students are a “current student” and will need their PEN # (Personal Education Number) to complete an account. PEN #’s are the nine (9) digit number provided on every report card that the District has submitted to students and parents. If a student is unable to locate their PEN # or has any questions, please contact Mrs. Ward-McGowan ( or Mrs. Musgrave ( for assistance.

Follow the steps prompted on the on the site to make an account once you have opened the above link.

Transcript requests to post-secondary institutions should be made by April 23/21 to ensure that they are received in time (some institutions have deadlines). Please note: MOST GRADE 12 STUDENTS HAVE already completed an account and are familiar with the process.

If a student is not attending post-secondary next year they will still need to complete an account to receive a copy or access transcript information. They are no longer mailed to students.


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