PAC Minutes November 2022


Meeting called to order 6:04pm


Sherry Desy (President), Tina Etchart (Secretary), Quinn Rooke
(Treasurer), Gordon Swan (School Trustee), Adrianne Mouland (MSS
Principal), Nicole Shulte, Stacey Galbraith

Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting October 11 2022 by Sherry
and Quinn. Presentation by Teacher and students from the recent Bamfield
BC trip:

Lindsay DeVisser, Gursimar Nagra, Hailey Johnston and Eva Galbraith

Students came to present their adventure with a slideshow and explanation
of events. Very well and enthusiastically done! Thank you!

School Trustee report: Gordon Swan

Board Princeton Chair/council elections concluded, meeting the following
day in Princeton. District suffered significant damage at 2 schools,
Diamondvale and CMS with approximately 50% and 80% of the windows being
destroyed. The funds to replace are being drawn from a previous
improvement budget surplus and further improvements have been approved and
will be made by installing window protective shutters and installing
security cameras.

MSS Principal’s report: Adrianne Mouland

December 1-3 (Thurs-Sat) Merritt hosts Girls Volleyball Provincials with
16 teams participating. More volunteers are needed for this event

First Nations support rooms have increased use and general activities and
sports have resumed. Local Health issues, illness in the school reports
approximately 200 absences in recent periods. Grade 12 classes attended
Career exploration and transitions with Jenn Denton featured Logging
Exploration and Artifact museum at NVIT

Treasurer’s report: Quinn Rooke

Current bank balance sits at $365.52 and $14,191.03 in our Gaming account.
Outstanding payment of $75 for PAC renewal fee not included in this
statement. Examples of what is withdrawn from Gaming accounts are
donations to the Library $750.00 and Fairy Godmothers


PAC Funding Requests

Application from Art Department, teacher Shannon Dunn in the amount of
$970.00 Breakdown of costs to upgrade, replace and buy new art.

School Wall Collection name replaced and updated $100.00 Artists x3 @
100.00 each $300.00

Framingx3@180.00 each $540.00 Plaque x3 @ 10.00 each $ 30.00

Application being considered pending further information and presentation
from Shannon Dunn.

District PAC is in need of new members in this new rotation. DPAC usually
consists of at least 1 or more members per school in the district and
meets approximately every 2 months.

Some schools in the district will now be aiming to upload the PAC minutes
to their school websites or social media pages. MSS has made space on
their website to upload our meeting minutes as well.

Meeting adjourned 6:48pm

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