What is this?

This is a guide to help you book a room or equipment (laptop carts, etc.) at MSS. Several short, succinct videos take you through the main tasks: (1) viewing, (2) booking, and (3) modifying your reservations.

Current List of Resources

Please note, some names may be subject to change. Please contact Lia or Marian if the resource you are looking for is not listed or appears different in the selection list.

Resource Description Location

MSS Learning Commons

Large area with multiple large tables, suitable for presentations and classes.


MSS Lib Lab

29 Windows Desktop Computers


MSS Multipurpose Room (MPR)

Capacity: approx. 170, suitable for medium-sized assemblies. Often reserved for special events and activities. Also the home of Panther’s Pantry (cafeteria).

Access through main lobby connected to Drama dept.

MSS Large Conference Room

Capacity: approx. 15 people, suitable for private meetings and gatherings

Main access through councelling and office areas. Alternate doors through hallway and staff room

MSS Small Conference Room

Capacity: less than 8 people, suitable for private meetings

Councelling area

MSS Surface Cart

30 surface tablets for teacher/class sign out


MSS Surface Bucket Cart

Four buckets of 5 laptops each


MSS Projector Cart 1

Projector with speakers


MSS Projector Cart 2

Projector and multimedia player


MSS Library iPad Cart

20 iPads


Viewing room and equipment calendars

This video shows how to create calendar groups and how to view room and equipment reservations.

Desktop App
Online App

Booking a room or computers

This video shows how to book a room, but reserving computers works the same way. The video also demonstrates adding an attendee to the reservation, which is optional, of course.

Desktop App
Online App

Modifying a reservation

This video shows how to cancel a meeting, but a similar method can be used to modify it. For example you could add people, equipment, or other rooms to the meeting.

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Online App

Who’s in charge of booking?

You are in charge of your own booking! However, there may be times when a booking will need to be canceled or changed for a special event, and in this case, these alteration would fall on designated "room admins". These are:

  • Lia and Crystal for the Learning Commons rooms and equipment (laptop carts),

  • Adriane for all other rooms.

This can be changed (see next question). For example, it may make more sense to make Brent, Misty and/or Julie as admins to the small and large conference rooms. Room admins are the only ones who can revoke bookings by other members (but, you can always cancel your own booking!).

How do we change which rooms and equipment show up in the options?

Send a request/permission for a workorder through Adriane that will be sent to Janet.[1] Basically, before we make a resource bookable, we need to make sure it can be done (you know, in case any of you had the idea of making a bathroom or Gian’s office bookable).


By booking rooms and equipment, you create a meeting in your calendar and the resource’s calendar.

Use the "Required" field ("Invite Attendees" through the browser) when booking anything. If it’s a room, it’ll be added to "Location" automatically.


1. For admins: FYI the name should always start with MSS (keeps things organized in the room/equipment list).