sd54 MyEducation BC – Getting Started with the Family Portal

Families will receive an automated email when your parent account has been created. Please check

your spam or trash folder for an email from

If you do not receive your account information please contact your school to check that you have the necessary information. You may already have made an account and can login at the SD58 website: and select the MyEducation link. If your

password does not work, select I have "forgotten my password" right away for a reset email.

Logging into MyEducation BC for the first time:

  1. Open the email containing your username and password.

    *Note you must have an internet connection to sign in*

    To access the MyEducation System:

    1. Make sure popups are enabled for your browser.

    2. Your user name and temporary password will be confirmed by the automated email noted above.

      NOTE: Both user name and password are case sensitive.

    3. Enter your user name and password then click Log On to access the system. You will be prompted to change your password and fill out some information so that in the future you can click "I forgot my password" to receive a new password.

      Once inside the My Education BC system you can navigate around to view information for your student(s).

  2. Visit (bookmark this site!) and enter the username and password provided in the email and click Log On.


    Enter username Enter Password Log on

    *Passwords are case sensitive*

    If you have any issues with your login please contact your school.

  3. Your password will immediately expire and prompt you to change it.


    1. Enter the password provided in the email as your current password

    2. Enter a new unique password:


  4. Update security preferences to allow for self serve “I forgot my password” recovery.

*Note step is not optional*


  1. Enter email address

  2. Select security question

  3. Enter security question answer

  4. Confirm security question answer

Your login set-up is now complete!

I forgot my password!

  1. Navigate to the MyEducation BC login page

  2. Select I forgot my password.


  3. Enter your username and the email you provided during your first login. A temporary password will be emailed to you.


  4. Still can’t login? Please contact your school.

Navigating in the Family Portal

There are 5 top-tabs within the Family Portal.



  1. Pages Top Tab

    *Groups and Calendar are not applicable at this time*



    The pages top tab provides you with announcements, recent student specific information and published reports.

    1. Recent Activity -Recent attendance history and student assignments (only visible if teacher is using MyEd for assignments)

    2. Published Reports- Report Cards will be listed under published reports. Simply click on the file to view your child (s) report card.

    3. ToDo- Student assignments will appear if teacher is using MyEd for assignments.

  2. Family Top Tab



    Student information such as address and phone number

    Student’s regular and emergency contact information

    Students daily attendance

    Students transcript records

    Students Provincial exam and FSA results if applicable

    Students schedule and course requests (next year’s courses)

    Students enrollment records

    Not applicable at this time

    The Family top tab provides access to demographic, attendance and transcript records specific to the selected student. All of the students attached to your account will appear in this list. Please contact the school or email the support team if your demographic information is not correct.

    *If you have more than one child listed view this information by clicking on desired students name to enter their record*


    Select student with drop down



  3. Academics Top Tab

    Class specific attendance and posted mark information

    Assignment information if teacher is using MyEd for assignments

    Further attendance information

    The academics top tab displays your child’s classes, teacher, absences and late arrivals. To access further class specific information click on the class name or place a checkbox beside the class and select the desired side tab.

  4. Groups Top Tab – Not applicable at this time

  5. Calendar Top Tab – Not applicable at this time