Grade 12 students – complete your BCeID account for transcripts

To all Parents, Guardians and Students of Grade 12:

All grade 12 students must complete a BCeID account for transcript requests using the link provided below.

Grade 12 students are a “current student” and will need their PEN # (Personal Education Number) to complete an account. PEN #’s are the nine (9) digit number provided on every report card that the District has submitted to students and parents. If a student is unable to locate their PEN # or has any questions, please contact Mrs. Ward-McGowan ( or Mrs. Musgrave ( for assistance.

Follow the steps prompted on the on the site to make an account once you have opened the above link.

Transcript requests to post-secondary institutions should be made by April 23/21 to ensure that they are received in time (some institutions have deadlines). Please note: MOST GRADE 12 STUDENTS HAVE already completed an account and are familiar with the process.

If a student is not attending post-secondary next year they will still need to complete an account to receive a copy or access transcript information. They are no longer mailed to students.


Merritt Secondary School

Grade 10 Literacy Assessment

This letter is to inform you that your child is scheduled to write the
Grade 10 Literacy Assessment.


April 13-16th, 2021

MSS Library Learning Commons & Lab


The April 2021 Exam Session will accommodate all Grade 10 students
writing the Literacy Assessment for the first time. Students will be
separated by Cohort when writing the exam. Students have been
automatically registered (no action required). After Spring Break, your
child’s teacher and/or librarian will inform each class of the exact
date and time of their exam.

About the Assessment:

The Grade 10 Literacy Assessment is a provincial assessment that
assesses student proficiency in literacy. It is a graduation requirement
and students take the online assessment in their Grade 10 year. The
Grade 10 Literacy Assessment is not based on a particular course, but on
learning across multiple subjects, from kindergarten to Grade 10.

What if my child cannot write their assessment on the scheduled date?

Please contact Lia Larson ( to discuss
alternative arrangements.


Lia Larson

MSS Teacher-Librarian